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14 April 2018

AGM – to start at 11.30am, followed by

2.00pm Pawel Tomaszewski from The School of Historical Dress

Creating Fashionable Silhouettes in the 16th and 20th Centuries

Reconstruction of the only existing Spanish Farthingale to be featured in Patterns of Fashion 5 and a detailed patterns for a 1949 Lady’s suit by Jacques Fath from the School’’s own Collection

The School of Historical Dress was set up to promote the study of Historical Dress. It holds a fabulous collection of clothing representing all social classes from 17th to 20th Century, used as a resource for students who are introduced to the tools needed to research, pattern draft, construct and fit historical garments and the context in which these garments would have been worn.

AGM 2018 and Speaker poster